DevOps Engineer

  • Hours: 100%

  • Location: Zurich

  • Duration: permanent, starting immediately

swissQuant Group provides quantitative services, consultancy and products for financial and industrial clients, including a number of global Fortune 500 companies. Our business edge originates from the effective translation of Intelligent Technology into measurable, bottom-line client value. swissQuant Group is a privately held company incorporated in 2005 as a spin-off of ETH Zürich.


You will be expected to develop and iteratively improve our software delivery process using the latest technologies which let us to get our product faster and safer to production.
The applications of our product are distributed as Docker images which requires frequent attention in order to deliver and run up-to-date, lightweight and safe containers in coherent fashion.

You should be able to implement a containerized CI/CD workflow which performs the following tasks:

• code quality checks of multiple languages (Python, Java and more might coming)
• security scans/check of libraries and docker images
• testing latency and throughput of different applications on different platform (Python, JVM)
• asynchronous integration testing
• aggregating metrics and results of all phase of CI/CD steps and setting success constraints based on requirements

In terms of monitoring you should be able to define metrics and implementing them on e.g. Stackdriver or Prometheus/Grafana. You will need to provide support distributing apps into our production environments at clients/partners and work with their platform engineers.

Working with the developers you will need to implement an effective configuration management solution so our applications and becomes and stays completely environment independent. You would not be working alone. We make decisions together as a team and we implement the solution with the same responsibility.


To be a successful candidate, you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • 5+ years of experience in managing Linux based infrastructure

  • 5+ years of hands-on experience at least in one scripting language

  • Experience with Docker + Kubernetes/OpenShift

  • Experience with public cloud provider (GCP, AWS, etc.)

  • Experience with setting up and maintaining CI/CD pipelines and particularly with Jenkins

  • Experience with managing python environment with venv/virtualenv/conda

  • Knowledge of JVM based languages and Maven

  • Knowledge of cross-platform build tools is a plus (e.g.Bazel)

  • Broad understanding of automation tools like Ansible or Terraform

  • Knowledge of datastores (SQL or NoSQL)

  • Knowledge of monitoring tool such as Stackdriver or Prometheus/Grafana

  • Passion for applying technology to solve business problems

  • Strong communication skills in English, German is a plus

  • Knowledge of distributed messaging/streaming systems (RabbitMQ) is a plu

  • University degree in computer science, math, physics, engineering or comparable numerical fields is a plus

DevOps Engineer

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